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Saint VII

Saint VII. A father, a lover, an electronic music junkie. 



Saint VII, a.k.a Saint 7, a.k.a Brandon Taul loves his fucking music. Big time bass music has been the longest love of his life. Movies, chillin' at the pad, making music. Oh yeah, I love to make music... I also love to play Disc Jockey. I started djing in 2002 with a hiccup of unexpected life turns a year later which lasted until March of 2004 so I always tell everyone 2004. Parents basement at age 21 with a fresh start, if ya know what I mean.

I have been passionate about Electronic music ever since. The techniques of unique patterns and layers of synth sounds in a beautiful array of bass music, I was hooked. All types of genres. Didn't matter. I remember announcing to my parents "I am going to be a DJ so don't ask me to do anything else"

I first heard drum and bass when I was still in high school from some friends of mine that had went to raves with some party favors. I almost went but I was to worried my parents would find out. I eventually did it anyways. My path was set. I remember one the first time I was in jail and imagining how lay out all the sounds in a track and what it would look like using software. I started with fl studio and acid pro side by side. Had no idea what I was doing. Just played around and made some beats. I have never played an instrument in my life. I just knew that I wanted to produce this underground bass music. Moved to Reason 4 after Xzentradi showed me a few things. Then Ableton. Tried using Cubase. Tried using Reaper. Just didn't fit. 

After moving to Chicago, life moved a bit different. Basstream radio was still alive most of the time, with a few in a row absences. Finally settling down in Colorado Springs. This place reminds me of Utah except without all the Mormons. Same seasons, Beautiful mountains, wild life, cool peeps when you find the right crowd. Plus Cannabis is legal so.... 

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