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Premier of The GhettoBlast with Diggabeatz

Diggabeatz and Cosmo

The one-and only Diggabeatz is finally hosting a radio show is ready to bring the bass!

The GhettoBlast

with Diggabeatz premiers, Tuesday March 8th, 2016 on Basstream Radio on Glitch.FM.



Tuesday night at:
9pm-11pm Mountain
8pm-10pm Pacific
10pm-12am Central
11pm-1am Eastern

Wednesday at:
3am-5am GMT
4am-6am United Kingdom
5am-7am Italy
10am-12pm Thailand
10am-12pm Russia
1pm-3pm Australia
5pm-7pm New Zealand


Tune in @ http://glitch.fm/glitchfm.pls

Pop-up player: http://glitch.fm/ebp.php

Join us in the IRC chat: http://glitch.fm/talk

Stream or download Basstream Radio Exclusives on iTunes.

Visit our website at BasstreamRadio.org to stay informed on community happenings including forthcoming shows, events, releases, contests, giveaways, free music and more.

Glitch.fm is a community-based non-for-profit internet radio station dedicated to bringing you the best in cutting edge art, music and exclusive content.


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