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Nick Bliss

Born and raised in Utah by a hungry pack of root beer and postum loving Mormons, Nick Bliss managed to get exposed to the party and disc jockey life at an early age due to the family trade, DJing. He was trained early to appreciate vinyl music, shake his butt, and play an instrument. As he grew up, so to did his views on reality, life, and music. He became the party, one with the music, the people, and the vibe. Nick Bliss is a DJ and producer that will open up you up to your super consciousness to allow the flow of information and awaken your mind to new realities and dimensions.

Dave Sweeten
Dave Sweeten

Stationed in his Northern California studio, Dave Sweeten is acting A&R Executive for West Coast bass music label, Substruk Records and co-host of Basstream Radio on Glitch.FM. A producer and DJ who not only shines at keeping a dancefloor energized and groovin' to deep and heavy original beats, but is also major engine of bass music culture, a supremely dedicated ambassador introducing quality music to the world and keeping it flowing through the airwaves!